Three Reasons Why You Must Attend the PADISE 2022


The Pan African Digital Initiatives Summit and Exhibition (PADISE 2022) scheduled to hold Thursday and Friday, July 21 and 22, 2022 at the Oriental Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria is the biggest destination for technology enthusiasts and experts in West Africa this season.

The theme of this year’s summit cum exhibition, “Leveraging Right Policies & Technologies in Taming Insecurity & Cyber-Threats” is particularly significant in the light of global insecurity challenges both physical and cyberspace.

Participants at this seminal session will enjoy front role seats as security and technology experts explore the potential and ways to tackle insecurity and terrorism both digital and territorial using existing and emerging technologies.

Last year had over a thousand people in attendance across physical and digital channels. This year, over two days, five thousand visitors are expected.

Here are three top reasons to attend PADISE 2022:

Security: The theme covers a trending and worrisome issue globally today, SECURITY. Security, or more precisely insecurity, touches everyone and everything.

Today, incidents of computer hacks, data breaches, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and online scams are on the rise. The threats of cyberattacks are real and scary. In addition, non-state armed groups (NSAG) are actively increasing insecurities leading to mounting incidents of kidnapping, banditry, and terrorism. Insecurity is a real issue.


PADISE will play host to the biggest names in Africa’s digital and security individuals and organisations as they lend their voices to the need to collaborate to make the country safer both online and offline. The different branches of Nigeria’s security architecture will be amply represented with the Police, Military along with private security professionals set to grace the occasion.

PADISE was established as a platform where the most influential players in the African information communications technology (ICT) markets can come together to exchange ideas and positively influence and promote the ICT agenda for the optimal good.

Networking, connection and opportunity for collaboration are all on the card. Who is Who in Africa’s digital technology and security sphere would all be on hand.


The theme provides an opportunity to explore how emerging technologies, such as 5G, AI, IoT and Blockchain, can help the country push back its current security challenges including cyber-threats and cyber terrorism. It will equally focus on digital protection for Cloud Hosting, Critical Infrastructure protection, and enabling digital and financial inclusion in the quest to build a more inclusive and sustainable society

This conference provides a platform to bring the issues and working solutions to the fore. It would bring together key stakeholders in the technology and security sectors to help broaden engagement.

Here is One More!

While the seminal conference will run simultaneously with the exhibition, the event will be capped with the 18th annual Titans of Tech Awards and Heroes Night on Friday, July 22, 2022, from 5 pm.

The Titans of Tech Awards, popularly called Nigeria’s Tech Industry Grammy, is among the most treasured occasions in the tech industry as it provides an opportunity to reflect, network with the whole community and recognize the achievements, successes, and triumphs of stakeholders across the entire technology spectrum.

The award is a great way to encourage good behaviour, inculcate competitive spirit and spur the industry to greater heights.

See you at PADISE 2022!