Lagos Passes Bill For DNA Database

Lagos state is set to establish a “deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) database, a DNA Index System” and “a DNA bank for storage of reference DNA samples” following the unanimous passage of a bill by the Lagos house of assembly which gives legal backing for the state’s DNA and forensic centre.
This bill was passed Monday, September 5, 2022.
A statement by the Lagos assembly revealed that other forensic activities expected to be carried out by the centre include “toxicology, drug chemistry, fingerprint examination, firearms examination, tool mark examination, ballistics, trace evidence analysis, questioned document examination and digital forensics to obtain evidence relevant to the investigation of criminal offences”.
The bill similarly makes provisions “for the use of DNA profiles in the investigation of crime and the use of such profiles in proving the innocence or guilt of persons”, and also “provide for the conditions under which the samples for DNA profiles may be retained or destroyed”.
Lagos had in 2017 established the first DNA and forensic centre in West Africa to help resolve crimes and other paternity issues through forensic analysis.