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Inflation Rate Romances 22% On The Heels of Prolonged Energy Crisis

Nigeria's inflation figure is approaching 21.82 per cent, a level not seen in about two decades, on the heels of the prolonged fuel crisis. The...

N6 Billion Loss – Time To Reinvent The Kuda Model

By Elvis Eromosele Universal access to financial services is today widely regarded as a fundamental human right. Firms helping to drive access to financial services...

3rd Party Vehicle Insurance Premium, Claims Limit Go Up By 300%

Third-party insurance premiums for private a vehicle will go up by 300 per cent by New Year's day, which is two days away. According to...

Mark Zuckerberg Drops Out Of Forbes America Top 10 List

Mark Zuckerberg‘s personal fortune has nosedived to $76.8 billion in the last year, taking him off the list of the 10 richest people in...

CBN floats national card scheme next month, targets 42 million unbanked

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has concluded plans to float a national card scheme to enhance the payment system in Nigeria. The CBN is...