Echiche Jehovah, New Single By Elizabeth Ndubisi Eromosele, Drops


Emerging gospel act, Dr. Elizabeth Ndubisi Eromosele, has unveiled her latest single, ‘Echiche Jehovah.’ This vibrant track, based on Jeremiah 29: 11 is a spiritual revelation, celebrating God’s goodness, peace, and the divine promise of an expected end. It is a spiritual anthem infused with hope, faith, and uplifting melodies

“‘Echiche Jehovah’ is more than a song; it’s a spiritual offering birthed from intimate communion and an unyielding pursuit of God’s presence,” Sister Elizabeth shares. “This track encapsulates the essence of spiritual nourishment, infusing every note with hope, faith, and a proclamation of God’s unwavering love and peace.”

With infectious rhythms and heartening lyrics, ‘Echiche Jehovah’ beckons listeners on a transformative journey of praise and spiritual fulfilment. This soul-stirring melody promises an uplifting experience for all who seek to deepen their faith and connection with the Divine.

Hailing from a profound spiritual journey rooted in her teenage years at FGGC Bida, where she committed her life to Christ, Aunty Lizzy (as she’s affectionately known) discovered the potency of worship as a gateway to a deeper connection with the Divine. Despite her love for singing and worship, she hesitated to share her gift openly until now.

An optometrist by profession from the University of Benin and an accomplished author of educational and religious books for children, Sister Elizabeth’s musical journey intertwines with her passion for guiding young minds. Her devotion as a children minister at a Centre of The Covenant Nation in Lagos, Nigeria, amplifies her commitment to nurturing young spirits in the ways of faith and worship.

Now available on all major streaming platforms, ‘Echiche Jehovah’ invites audiences worldwide to embrace its vibrant beats, dance to its infectious rhythm, and experience the spiritual elevation it offers. Join Sister Elizabeth Ndubisi Eromosele on this harmonious journey and let ‘Echiche Jehovah’ reaffirm your faith today!

Join in the praise and declaration of faith with this smooth, melodious tune that promises an expected end filled with blessings.

Listen, share and be blessed!

Available now on all major streaming platforms. Tune in and elevate your spirit today!”

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### About Dr. Elizabeth Ndubisi Eromosele

Dr. Elizabeth Ndubisi Eromosele, affectionately known as Aunty Lizzy, is a dedicated worshipper, Child Evangelist trained by CEM, optometrist, and author based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her passion for worship and nurturing young spirits as a children minister at a Centre of The Covenant Nation is evident in her latest single, ‘Echiche Jehovah,’ a spiritual anthem resonating with hope, faith, and God’s unwavering love.