Top Brands Set For National Consumers Value Awards September 7


The second edition of the National Consumers Value Awards; is scheduled for 7th September 2023 at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The annual event will bring together brand owners across various sectors of the economy based on the successful three months of voting for over three hundred brands.

Fifty-two brands have earned the badge of honours from the Voting of the consumers on the portal. The sectors Cement, Lubricant, Telecommunications, Seasoning, and Pasta are some of the categories while other categories are Hair Synthetic, Multivitamin, Malt drinks and paints.

Other categories are Fintech, Smartphones, Airlines, automobiles, cooking salt, Toothpaste, Sugar, Milk, Vegetable, Noodles, Energy drinks, custards, Cereal, toilet cleaners, insurance, banks and fast food.

Over twenty-eight thousand consumers cast votes in the three-month voting window for brands based on experience.

Speaking on the scheduled programme, Akonte Ekine, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Analyst of BrandXchange, the organizers of the awards, said that the theme of this year’s event is the Consumer Satisfaction Index, which is the hallmark of the experience of the consumers.

He stated that the market is excited about the openness and transparent method of the entire journey. “And the consumers made the call for brands based on various experiences, which is the beauty of the initiative”.

According to him, regulators and government agencies are associating with the programme through commitments and assurance of attendance.

Aside from the goodwill messages from the regulators, the event will also witness the recognition of various agency representatives that have successfully ensured improvement in consumer experiences.