NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre To Establish Nuclear Medicine By 2025


To expand its comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment capacity, the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre is set to establish a major nuclear medicine facility by 2025.

Wasiu Adeyemo, LUTH’s chief medical director revealed this on Tuesday as the centre marked its fifth anniversary of operating.

Adeyemo said that the initiative poised to become the first run by the federal government on a public-private partnership was conceived last year and has been backed with funding in the 2024 budget of the federation.

Nuclear medicine is a specialised area of cancer treatment that uses multi-disciplinary medical imaging for diagnosis and treatments.

With the facility, NSIA-LUTH will be equipped to track the progress of treatments in patients with tools such as PET scan, SPECT scan, cyclotron, and radiopharmacy.

“We need to complement the success that we have here with nuclear medicine which will be ready in the next 18 months.”