NCC Hints At 7G, Restates Committed To Stability of Telecom Infrastructure


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that while conversations are going on about the deployment of 5G across the country, the development of 6G and 7G are already on the horizon. Dr Aminu Maida, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, NCC, who revealed this during the inaugural Telecoms Industry Risk Management Conference in Lagos, noted that the commission remains committed to fostering an environment that encourages innovation while prioritising the security and stability of Nigeria’s telecom infrastructure.

The conference, which has the theme, “Evolution and Future Risk Management in the Telecoms Industry: Harnessing Emerging Technologies and Trends” brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including risk experts, academia, financial institutions, and professionals in the telecommunications sector.

According to Dr Maida, “While we discuss the current landscape of 5G networks, which boast of wider attack surface due to the increased number of connected devices and denser network infrastructure, it is imperative to even cast our gaze into the future. We are witnessing the dawn of 6G technology, the next frontier in wireless communication. With promises of even faster speeds, lower latency, and groundbreaking applications, 6G has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience connectivity. However, with this advancement comes the responsibility to address new risks, from cybersecurity threats to ethical considerations, ensuring that we pave the way for a secure and inclusive digital future.” “Looking beyond, the prospect of 7G technology also looms on the horizon,” he added.

He explained that in navigating through 5G and the uncharted territory of the next generations of wireless technologies, collaborative efforts among regulators, industry players, and other stakeholders become even more crucial for sharing best practices, threat intelligence, and resources and implementing robust risk management strategies.

He stated, “We should therefore move beyond mere compliance and reactive measures, and instead, harness the power of these new technologies and trends to build a resilient and future-proof industry.”

Dr Maida explained that building a culture of risk awareness is paramount, as the industry must empower people with the knowledge and skills to proactively identify and report risks and embed security awareness and risk management practices throughout the business processes. Emerging technologies such as AI should be leveraged to generate the data-driven insights needed to predict, detect, and respond to risks in real time.

Mr Kelechi Nwankwo, Head of Corporate Planning, Strategy & Risk Management (HCPSRM), NCC, delivered the welcome address, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and managing the evolving risks inherent in technological advancements. He highlighted the conference’s focus on exploring strategies to mitigate technological risks while leveraging innovations to address environmental, societal, economic, and geopolitical challenges.

Throughout the conference, participants engaged in discussions, gained insights from industry experts, shared experiences, and developed strategies to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the telecoms industry. Key topics included the implications of 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, and other emerging technologies on risk management.