Lagos Water Corporation Sacks 391 Staff In New Restructuring


The Lagos State Water Corporation (LWC) has dismissed 391 employees, it termed as ‘redundant’, as part of its ongoing effort to reorganize the company’s structure in the face of financial and operational challenges.

The corporation In a circular on last week Thursday said that workforce streamlining was necessary due to ongoing water scarcity in the state, despite significant infrastructure efforts.

LWC highlighted that it is grappling with significant financial and operational difficulties, with challenges in generating sufficient revenue to fulfil its obligations.

According to the circular, the unreliable water supply has led to a decreasing customer base and falling revenues. “The Lagos Water Corporation has announced the disengagement of 391 redundant staff as part of its ongoing restructuring efforts aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and meeting the evolving demands of the organisation. The decision to streamline the workforce is in response to the persistent challenge of water scarcity in the state despite extensive infrastructure projects.”

It continued, “LWC has faced substantial financial and operational challenges, struggling to generate adequate revenue to meet its obligations. The corporation’s unreliable water supply has resulted in a shrinking customer base and declining revenue.”