Google’s Equiano To Boost Nigeria’s GDP By $10.1 billion In 2025

Google’s Subsea cable, Equiano launched earlier this year is set to raise Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is present $440.1 billion to USD10.1 billion in 2025, the Multinational technology company announced yesterday at the second Google for Africa event in Lagos.
Apart from boosting the GDP, the subsea cable running through Togo, Nigeria, Namibia and South Africa is expected to deliver faster, lower-cost internet to the continent by connecting St. Helena, Togo, Nigeria, Namibia and South Africa with Europe.
“A recent economic impact assessment conducted by Africa Practice and Genesis Analytics found that by 2025, the cable is set to accelerate economic growth with GDPs of Nigeria rising by USD 10.1 billion, South Africa USD 7 billion and  USD 260 million in Namibia. During the same time, Equiano should indirectly create 1.6 million jobs in Nigeria, 180,000 in South Africa and 21,000 in Namibia, driven by the expansion of the digital economy and peripheral sectors,” the company said.
Google is also supporting nonprofits working to improve lives in Africa with a $40 million cash and in-kind commitment. Last year, 7,500 career scholarships were disbursed to help young people learn new skills and build their careers. At the same time, Uganda’s AirQo received a $3 million grant to support the expansion of their work on monitoring air quality from Kampala to ten cities in five countries on the continent.
Recently Google partnered with the UN to launch the Global Africa Business Initiative (GABI), a global partnership aiming to accelerate Africa’s economic growth and sustainable development.