Digital Agenda Forum 2023: Leveraging Emerging Technologies for National Development

The Oriental Hotel in Lekki, Lagos, will play host to the much-anticipated Digital Agenda Forum (DAF) on December 7th, 2023. Spearheaded by Don Pedro Aganbi, Managing Consultant at Technology Africa, this exclusive event aims to convene top thought leaders, industry experts, professionals, CEOs, and presidents of various industry associations along with relevant government agencies.
Under the theme of “Leveraging Emerging Digital Technologies for National Development…exploring low hanging fruits,” the Digital Agenda Forum is poised to delve deep into the state of the tech economy in 2023 and strategically set the agenda for 2024.
In an era where digital technology acts as the catalyst for global progress, the forum recognizes the pivotal role of technologies like AI, Cloud, Blockchain, 5G, IoT, digital payments, Metaverse, Renewable Energy, robotics, and big data analytics. These transformative innovations are reshaping economies and societies, promising unprecedented economic growth, improved public services, and an enhanced quality of life.
Don Pedro Aganbi, the visionary behind this event, emphasizes, “Nations globally are at a crucial juncture, embracing a digital revolution that demands proactive strategies and collaborative efforts from governments, organizations, businesses, and citizens.”
The integration of these emerging technologies has a profound impact on the economy, fostering innovation, driving productivity, creating new job opportunities, and catalyzing sustainable development. AI-driven automation optimizes processes, while Blockchain revolutionizes industries by ensuring transparency and security. Furthermore, 5G connectivity fuels faster data transfer and empowers IoT applications, while renewable energy sources and digital payments streamline transactions, promoting financial inclusion.
According to Aganbi, “Today presents the opportune moment to begin constructing our future by leveraging appropriate policies, fostering collaborations, and harnessing the potential of 5G, AI, IoT, solar energy, and Blockchain to secure our country’s economic future.”
The Digital Agenda Forum serves as a vital platform to ideate and strategize, ensuring that Nigeria harnesses the full potential of emerging technologies for inclusive growth and sustainable national development.
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