Diabetes Association Of Nigeria Calls For 100% Increase In Sugar Tax


The Diabetes Association of Nigeria has called for an increase in sugar tax from 10 per cent to 20 per cent citing it as a measure to combat the consumption of sugar.

This was stated by Dr. Alkali Mohammed the president of the Diabetes Association of Nigeria. He also stated that Nigerian diabetic patients spend on average around N300,000 annually on diabetic medications and diabetes, indirectly costing Nigeria about $4.5 billion annually.

Dr Alkali Mohammed shared this alarming statistic during the commemoration of the 2023 World Diabetes Day (WDD) in Abuja.

The association also disclosed that a staggering 11.2 million Nigerians are currently grappling with diabetes, with 90 per cent classified as type 2.

The WDD, marked globally, serves as a day of advocacy and awareness, emphasizing the need for collective and individual efforts to manage and prevent diabetes. The theme for the 2023 commemoration is “Access to diabetes care.”

Dr. Mohammed underscored the severity of the diabetes situation, pointing out that the disease can impact any part of the body.

Globally, 537 million people are recorded to be living with diabetes, a figure projected to surge to 737 million by 2040 if decisive actions are not taken.

Dr. Umar highlighted the multifaceted impact of diabetes on families, from financial strain to reduced productivity.

Nigeria bears the highest burden of diabetes in Africa, and the underreporting of cases implies that the actual number of individuals living with the disease may be higher.