5G Subscriptions In Nigeria Hit 2.7 Million

The latest data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) reveals that 5G subscribers in Nigeria have reached 2.7 million, constituting approximately 1.24 per cent of the country’s 219 million GSM subscribers.
Among the licensed operators for Nigeria’s 5G spectrum are MTN Nigeria, Mafab Communications Ltd, and Airtel Networks Ltd. These companies acquired their licenses in 2022, with both Mafab and MTN paying $273.6 million each.
However, the rollout and adoption of 5G technology have been sluggish due to the high cost of 5G-compatible smartphones and the expenses associated with infrastructure deployment. As a result, 5G services are currently limited to certain cities where operators like MTN, Airtel, and Mafab Communications operate.
Despite the dominance of 4G and 3G subscriptions, the NCC remains optimistic about the continuous growth of 5G technology in Nigeria.
A recent study by Juniper Research forecasts a significant global increase in Voice-over-5G users, reaching 2.5 billion by 2026, up from 290 million in 2022. This growth, projected at 780 per cent, is attributed to the accelerated rollout of 5G networks, particularly following the slowdown during the pandemic. Voice-over-5G leverages the software-based nature of 5G networks to offer APIs for business voice services over operator networks.